Thursday, August 10, 2006

Report an Apple bug .... Thursday?

I don't usually uncover enough Apple bugs to actually remember to do RAABF, so you get RAABT.

Filed as 4675523

Extremely long file names can cause copy operations to FAT32 filesystems to fail silently without any warning if multibyte characters are present in the file name.

1) Produce a long (250+ character) file name with multibyte characters, such as:
"05 V. 1 Im Tempo Des Scherzo. Wild herausfahrend - 2 Langsam - 3 Langsam - 4 (Trombone) - 5 Im Anfang sehr zurückgehalten - 6 Wiedersehr breit - 7 Ritenuto - 8 Wieder zurückhaltend - 9 Sehr langsam und gedehnt (_der grosse Appell_) - 10 Langsam. Mis.m4a"
2) Place the file in a folder
3) copy the folder to a FAT32 volume
4) try and open the file from the FAT32 volume

Expected results:
The file opens and is usable.

Actual results:
The file probably vanishes upon the first click, preventing a double click. If you manage to double-click, the file will "not be found."

None known.

Don't use long file names with multibyte characters. Note that this has a potential data loss impact for users, particularly when copying music libraries, as multibyte characters and the classical genre seem to be joined at the hip on my machine.