Friday, April 21, 2006

Report an Apple Bug Friday #1:

Preview's Scale to Page feature doesn't

Summary: When asking preview to scale a full-page image (right to the page border) down to actual printable area, Preview naively shrinks to the chosen paper size, not the printable image size. The result of this is that the image gets cut off when printed.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Pick an image that goes right to the border of your display (such as Peter's vi tutorial sheet )
2. Print, ensuring that the "Scale to Fit" box is checked.

Expected results:
You get a sheet of paper out of the printer which includes the whole image

Actual results:
The printer margin is blank, since the printer can't print there, but there are parts of the image which should have been printed there.

None known.

GraphicConverter gets the scaling correct every time.